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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 smartphone picture

If the waiting, with baited breath even, for Microsoft to finally roll out an updated smartphone operating system has been wearing on you you might be happy to learn that you don’t have to just sit there with your old phone for much longer. Windows Phone 7 based gadgets will be launched October 21st, at […]

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T-Mobile G2 4G Android smartphone picture

Being a generation behind in the smartphone means being all but invisible when it comes time for the well informed populace to purchase their next device. T-Mobile’s G2 smartphone shows that the company has finally stepped up their game to match the rest of the competition. The device will continue in the G1’s footsteps running […]

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Samsung Epic 4G Android smartphone picture

The bulk of the smartphone market uses processors that are similar to one another, or are at least based off the same architecture, so performance comes down to which OS is leaner and makes better use of the features on their respective chips. Samsung’s Epic 4G decided to up the ante by sporting one of […]

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 picture

AT&T customers have a new BlackBerry handset to look forward to this month. When the BlackBerry Torch 9800 from Reasearch in Motion (RIM) goes on sale August 12, it will be rocking the company’s latest operating system, BlackBerry 6 OS, which promises better web browsing, integrated social features (think Facebook and Twitter) and improved multimedia […]

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HTC EVO 4G Andriod Smartphone Sprint picture

If you’re going to make any sort of dent in the smartphone market you’re going to want to bring along amazing amounts of firepower. The HTC EVO 4G Andriod SmartPhone does just that by packing in a Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon QSD8650 processor, 512MB of energy sipping LP-DDR memory, and a glorious 4.3-inch 800×480 LCD screen […]

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Windows Phone 7 picture

Wondering which companies will be selling Windows Phone 7 handsets this fall? Wonder no more! According to Pocket Lint, Microsoft revealed that Asus, Dell, HTC, LG, and Samsung will all be producing Windows Phone 7 smartphones this fall. Dell was heavily rumored to be jumping on board after showing a knack for teasing jaw-droppingly gorgeous […]

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iPhone T-Mobile picture

In news that might elate or infuriate you, it looks like the iPhone is headed to T-Mobile soon. According to Cult of Mac, an insider source revealed that talks between Apple and T-Mobile are well underway and that chances are very good — 80 percent in fact — that the iPhone will land on its […]

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Motorola Droid X picture

Is this a new trend for Android handsets? Like Sprint has experienced with its EVO 4G, it looks like Verizon has a hot little Android smartphone on its hands in the Droid X. According to numerous reports, Verizon stores are having trouble keeping it in stock after its first day of availability. And you can […]

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Android logo picture

Here’s another reason Apple’s iPhone may want to watch its back, antenna issues notwithstanding. Android this week reached some pretty big milestones: 100,000 apps and 1 billion app downloads. Mind you, those figures aren’t an official, Google-certified count. The estimate comes from AndroLib, which tracks Android stats. Nonetheless, the numbers aren’t out of the realm […]

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Belkin Grip Vue and Zagg InvisibleShield for iPhone 4 Review picture

Update: Click here for a quick update on yellowing affecting the Belkin Grip Vue case for the iPhone 4. Although my iPhone 4 survived two falls unscathed, I wasn’t about to chance a third disastrous confrontation with a hard floor. It was time to get some protection! Naked No More: Belkin Grip Vue iPhone 4 […]

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iPhone 4 Review - Picture

Can Apple’s latest iPhone live up to the hype and dazzling first impressions? Here’s a look at what buyers can look forward to long after the new phone smell has faded.

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