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The benefits of web-based email has been covered quite a bit over the years, and as a spam catch-all it has worked marvelously. It would seem that Microsoft is working on making their service a bit more workable for the busy folks out there. Hotmail is in for some updates which should make it even […]

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Microsoft’s Windows 7 added a whole host of new technologies which are designed to modernize the Windows operating system lineup which also included some Virtualization technology that would help older XP based software run smoothly on the new OS. Unfortunately at launch their “XP Mode” required hardware virtualization support in order to run. No longer. […]

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Businesses dare not deploy a whole new operating system until they know the bulk of their hardware and software will run, in a stable fashion, on the fancy newly update OS…thus the wait until at least Service Pack 1 rolls around. Microsoft has deemed that line of thinking silly so they’ll be rolling out a […]

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If there’s one thing that people want it’s access to the things that are important to them all in a central location which Microsoft has taken to heart with their upcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system. It’ll be a major shift for the company as they’ve done away with their old way of doing things […]

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Being a popular new operating system means that there are those that would circumvent protections in the OS so as to make it seem legitimate. There are those that willingly take that risk in order to save themselves some cash, then there are those that are suckered into a new system preloaded with a counterfeit […]

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Ah the holidays. Getting the right gift for that special someone is tricky, getting one for your computer/gadget fiend family member is a maddening experience. Sure you could go the gift card route but that doesn’t exactly give you that certain sense of satisfaction when you see their face light up once they open a […]

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Microsoft had a lot riding on their Windows 7 operating system, after all people weren’t exactly flocking to Windows Vista and XP has been getting long in the tooth as far as features were concerned. Their efforts seem to have done good but does all of the added newfangled-ness cause performance issues to pop up? […]

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Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 operating system is the most polished OS to come from the company, of course it’s going to have to be compared to Apple’s highly polished Snow Leopard operating system which means plenty of fodder for both sides to sling at each other. CNET has tested out both operating systems on a […]

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Considering how much smartphone users rely on the data their handy gadgets store for them a “data loss” like the one recently suffered by T-Mobile/Microsoft Danger could be catastrophic given that much of the data that’s created on the phone is stored on the cell provider’s outsourced storage system. Thankfully Microsoft has seemingly found a […]

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The gadget world tends to follow a strange set of rules when it comes to supporting a new version of an operating system. Licensing rules and the like are of concern as is the underlying hardware that will be pushing the software update. Thankfully Microsoft has debuted a page that will inform you which Windows […]

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There’s nothing quite as scary as a new operating system roll out for businesses especially when they’ve invested quite a bit of time and money in acquiring licenses for Windows XP applications. Fortunately for them, and us, Windows 7’s XP…

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