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Microsoft Windows 8 chkdsk improvements image

Microsoft has been doing quite a bit to improve some of the more obnoxious portions of an operating system as they work on Windows 8 and it would seem that they’ve fixated their gaze on little old chkdsk. Users rarely run into situations that require chkdsk’s intervention but when they do they’re in for quite […]

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Microsoft Windows 8 operating system lock screen image

Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is going to minimize the pain when you, or some nefarious character that isn’t you, have to recover your machine’s OS from whatever mess it happens to be in. The company will be rolling out “refresh” and “reset” options on Windows 8 that will get you back up and running […]

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LG Quantum Smartphone ATT image

Microsoft’s grip on the personal computer is well known but their efforts in the mobile phone arena has lead to other manufacturers taking the lead in one of the largest software markets around: smartphones. The company has announced their Windows Phone 7 operating system and a few of the smartphones which will come infused with […]

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Microsoft Sidewinder X6 programmable gaming keyboard image

Gaming keyboards have become something of a necessity for most players since, lets face it, keeping track of dozens of key combinations isn’t exactly fun and frantic hunting for the right keys to press usually ends up with your game character jumping off a cliff or something equally embarrassing. Microsoft’s Sidewinder X6 gaming keyboard is […]

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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 smartphone picture

If the waiting, with baited breath even, for Microsoft to finally roll out an updated smartphone operating system has been wearing on you you might be happy to learn that you don’t have to just sit there with your old phone for much longer. Windows Phone 7 based gadgets will be launched October 21st, at […]

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Windows 7

Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system was designed to be everything that Vista wasn’t. It was executed with an attention to detail rarely seen in most software today (aside from the fine fruit company) and has quickly gathered a large user base thanks to its forward looking feature set. How popular has it been? Well it […]

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Microsoft Windows 7 flag

Microsoft’s Windows 7 has had a grand time pulling in all manner of people looking to upgrade their operating system or already preloaded on new PCs and all of that market growth may just lead to an eco-friendlier planet, or at least a bit of savings on the old energy bill. It would seem the […]

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Halo Reach Xbox 360 bundle picture

You knew they had to do something special for the release of a new Halo game, didn’t you? Announced at Comic Con in San Diego, the $399 USD Halo Reach limited edition bundle features a 250GB Xbox 360 S, but in sliver instead of glossy black, and decorated with iconography from the Halo universe. The […]

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Windows Phone 7 picture

Wondering which companies will be selling Windows Phone 7 handsets this fall? Wonder no more! According to Pocket Lint, Microsoft revealed that Asus, Dell, HTC, LG, and Samsung will all be producing Windows Phone 7 smartphones this fall. Dell was heavily rumored to be jumping on board after showing a knack for teasing jaw-droppingly gorgeous […]

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Microsoft Kinect Bundle picture

Microsoft today set the official price of its Xbox 360 Kinect motion controller to $149.99 (USD) when it ships on November 4, 2010. The price hardly comes as a shock in light of Walmart’s Kinect bundle offer. However, Microsoft did have one surprise in store: the Xbox 360 Kinect Console Bundle.  Also scheduled to ship […]

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Microsoft’s Windows 7 removed quite a few of the applications people have come to rely on and bundled it under the company’s Windows Live Essentials banner in order to better promote, and update, their home-user centric programs. The company is planning to improve and extend their products with an emphasis on easily publishing your photos […]

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