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Motorola Xoom 2 Google Android HD tablet image

The bulk of Android tablets kind of just meld together but the good news is that if you pick up the Motorola Xoom 2, which might just come out in 7 and 8.2-inch versions, you’re guaranteed some powerful hardware and some distinctive cladding that just might set it apart from the millions of tablets that are pouring […]

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HP Touchpad WebOS tablet image

Computing devices, such as the HP Touchpad, sport an amazing amount of flexibility despite its less than powerful processor but that hasn’t stopped the fervent communities, that pop up around, to squeeze as much performance as possible from their handy portable devices. Interestingly there are some substandard settings for the Touchpad that keep it constantly […]

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Dell Streak tablet GPS picture

Dell has a…questionable track record when it comes to gadgets. Their PDA and MP3 player lineups were a bit of a let down when compared to the competition of the time but, thankfully, they seem to be turning a corner. The Dell Streak tablet is getting a good amount of attention in part because of […]

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Dell Streak Tablet picture

The deluge of tablets on the market seek to emulate a design similar to that of a pad of paper which makes it more than a little awkward to carry around. Enter the Dell Streak tablet which chooses a much slimmer 5-inch multi-touch display that should improve pocket carrying friendliness. Of course there’s more to […]

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HP Slate tablet picture

The eagle-eyed folks at CrunchGear noticed a tantalizing USPTO trademark application from HP for the term “Palmpad.” Interesting! You’ll recall, HP bought Palm earlier this year in a move that surprised the industry. And while HP is still believed to be making a Windows 7 slate, this could be the first semi-official sign that a […]

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HP Slate tablet picture

The iPad’s stranglehold on the tablet market may be nearing its end.  Several new reports hint that Apple’s rivals are gearing up for a fight, and judging by the exhaustive list of combatants, things could get really interesting really fast. First comes news that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is promising a deluge of Windows 7 […]

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Have a penchant for smashing everything that comes within reach? Motion Computing has launched its J3500 Rugged Tablet PC sporting Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system and a “dual touch” display as well as drop and chemical resistance…. Now you’re thinking it’s some low-powered option which is the case with many tablets given their slim dimensions […]

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Tablets, slabs, slates, whatever you want to call them the floodgates will be opening soon enough offering a myriad of components, form factors, and operating systems to choose from which will no-doubt cause a great deal of confusion and early adopter excitement. Camangi’s WebStation WS-171 Android Tablet PC is one of the first to jump […]

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The JooJoo Pad hasn’t had a whole lot of brewing time to give it the massive following other products in its category have received, it only has the whole CrunchPad debacle as its publicity launching pad. Final versions of the JooJoo Pad are now in the hands of the early adopters and one brave soul […]

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Apple’s tablet/cellphone/thing dubbed the iPad has generated plenty of attention for itself seeing as it’s a large jump into a market most companies haven’t thought of. Sitting between an iPhone and full-fledged tablet the iPad will certainly find some use if the company’s legion of fans have anything to say about it. The company will […]

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Tablet computers fill that sweet little niche of gadgetry where you feel infinitely cool walking around and using one bringing many geek kudos…while everyone looks at you as an oddball.HotHardware has a look at the Asus Eee PC T91 swivel-screen…

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