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Spotify finally made the transatlantic leap from Europe and landed on U.S. shores earlier this summer. And while others have tried the online music subscription model, Spotify has won over critics and music lovers alike with its user-friendly software, pro-consumer usage policies and a wide variety of ways to access your music – none of […]

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Optimizing system performance used to be about defragmenting every so often and limiting the number of applications you’re running. Unfortunately, today’s modern PC needs a whole host of support applications doing their own thing in the background in order to maintain a usable system. TuneUp Utilities 2010 attempts to corral your PC and whip it […]

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You can’t blame a company for taking things slow when their technology is used by millions of people every day to view streaming content on the web even if it is horribly inefficient and causes a lackluster viewing experience. Adobe’s Flash version 10.1 will be making usage of graphics card features to improve video playback […]

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Microsoft had a lot riding on their Windows 7 operating system, after all people weren’t exactly flocking to Windows Vista and XP has been getting long in the tooth as far as features were concerned. Their efforts seem to have done good but does all of the added newfangled-ness cause performance issues to pop up? […]

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There’s nothing quite as scary as a new operating system roll out for businesses especially when they’ve invested quite a bit of time and money in acquiring licenses for Windows XP applications. Fortunately for them, and us, Windows 7’s XP…

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Zero Assumption RecoveryDeveloper: Zero Assumption SoftwareUsage: Data Recovery SoftwareZero Assumption Recovery WebsiteSometimes, through no fault of your own of course, things tend to go south really quickly on your storage medium due to the slip of a finger or yes…

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doPDFDeveloper: SoftlandUsage: Create PDF files from any application.doPDF WebsiteWant to cut down on paper? Then print to PDF.  Here’s how……

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Microsoft’s Windows 7 has experienced a relatively smooth development process, reaching RTM status without having major features dropped or widespread beta tester complaint is quite a feat given the massive code base they’re working with.The company is excited for its…

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Well you can’t blame the team behind Windows 7 for their exuberance, their supposed sign-off process/backstage look is a nice touch and heart warming….well as heart warming as an operating system can get of course but their efforts over…

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Platforms are built by developers, not so much by the ones hired by companies for the initial design but by the devs that decide to write programs for your brand new operating system or fancy gadget. Apple’s iPhone has been…

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Palm Pre had a nice little launch gift for Apple iTunes users in the form of displaying itself as an iPod once connected to a computer which allowed it to sync music onto the phone.Apple hasn’t taken too kindly to…

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