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Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system image

The combined efforts of Google and Samsung will be bringing Google’s open source Android operating system kicking and screaming into the future with their upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich update… or version 4.0 as it were. The update is designed to function on both tablets and smart phones so there’s bound to be great interest, especially […]

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Samsung Google Chrome OS notebook image

Google’s Chrome OS is designed around a web-enabled future that companies are clamoring to drag us into… kicking and screaming if need be. The Samsung Chromebook is the company’s initial platform to bring us into their idea of the future and it’s a decent enough machine for the task. Its netbook-esque specs aren’t half bad […]

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Samsung T27A950 27 inch 950 Series LED LCD 3D TV monitor image

It’s hard to ignore the Samsung T27A950 27″ 950 Series LED monitor with its slim dimensions and well placed curves that make it look more like a piece of art than the dull screen you’re staring at right now. Thankfully its features go beyond showing computing device images, which it handles that just fine with its HDMI […]

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Samsung R580 notebook laptop image

The perfect balance of features is a difficult thing to achieve in the laptop market especially when you consider the number of options there are for processors and graphics chips. Samsung’s R580 promises to stay humble with its selection of mid-range graphics and CPU options. That’s not to say it’ll be a slouch on the […]

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Samsung 470 Series 256GB solid state drive MZ-5PA256 image

The problem with some computing gear is that its “go fast” moments tend to happen under favorable conditions or when cache lets it do its thing much quicker which, unfortunately, isn’t always possible. The Samsung 470 Series Solid State Drives are built for speed and, interestingly, keep their composure even in situations where other SSDs […]

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Samsung SyncMaster FX2490HD monitor with digital TV Tuner image

Monitors aren’t the most exhilarating of subjects for most people but a good display will make your computing time a lot more enjoyable and less painful to yours eyes and, in some cases, can even entertain you all by its lonesome. The Samsung SyncMaster FX2490HD might just look like any other PC monitor, flashy chrome […]

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LG Quantum Smartphone ATT image

Microsoft’s grip on the personal computer is well known but their efforts in the mobile phone arena has lead to other manufacturers taking the lead in one of the largest software markets around: smartphones. The company has announced their Windows Phone 7 operating system and a few of the smartphones which will come infused with […]

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Samsung Dual CORTEX A9 ARM dual core processor picture

If you’re the type to regret buying a phone that’s about to be outdated then your smartphone purchase is about to be delayed a bit. Samsung has introduced their new dual core CORTEX A9 ARM based processor designed for all manner of gadgetry from the previously mentioned smartphone to tablets and everything in between. The […]

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Samsung Epic 4G Android smartphone picture

The bulk of the smartphone market uses processors that are similar to one another, or are at least based off the same architecture, so performance comes down to which OS is leaner and makes better use of the features on their respective chips. Samsung’s Epic 4G decided to up the ante by sporting one of […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computer picture

You’re bound to start seeing a flood of “tablet” gadgets over the coming months that put their own spin on what should be considered the perfect dimensions for the market. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is of the opinion that they should be smaller than a sheet of paper but larger than would be comfortable to fit […]

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Samsung FX2490HD 90 series HDTV tuner monitor picture

Samsung has launched their new 30 and 90 series monitors which are designed to function as a fully capable computer monitor and includes a handy, built-in, HDTV tuner for viewing your favorite shows. Both models are equipped with two HDMI inputs, 1080p support, and picture in picture but the models differ in sizes and backlighting […]

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