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Spotify finally made the transatlantic leap from Europe and landed on U.S. shores earlier this summer. And while others have tried the online music subscription model, Spotify has won over critics and music lovers alike with its user-friendly software, pro-consumer usage policies and a wide variety of ways to access your music – none of […]

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Most laptops shoot for one of two extremes: the cheap route which, while usable, doesn’t exactly offer inspired performance and the high-end gaming option which is a bit extreme in most cases and isn’t the most portable of devices. The Acer Aspire 5738PG combines a solid processor choice in Intel’s Core 2 chip and AMD’s […]

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Despite all of the recent issues Nvidia has gone through the company is forging ahead with their latest in mobile graphics chips by launching their new GeForce 200 GPU lineup.The new chips are all made with the 40nm manufacturing…

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HP hasn’t had the same sort of popularity that the competition has gained with their netbook products, that doesn’t mean the company will stop pumping out their own take on the platform.Their Mini-Note 2140 takes the same Intel Atom CPU…

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Microsoft’s Windows 7 has been analyzed from every angle imaginable, given the free reign the developers have had in order to keep end-users in the loop, with all of their blogging and whatnot, it’s not surprising that you’ll know…

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While new product announcements bring plenty of welcome press and, in some cases, thoughts of even more powerful portable gaming bliss Nvidia’s latest moves may just have you scratching your head. Their new GTX 280M mobile GPU is, in actuality,…

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