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Gigabyte H55 Mini ITX motherboard Silverstone SG07 Mini ITX case picture

If the thought of a miniature PC build gives you some reservations due to tight quarters then there’s no better way to get over your doubts with a system build walk through. The Tech Report has gone through the paces with the Gigabyte H55 Mini ITX motherboard and Silverstone’s SG07 which manages to pop in […]

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Chenboro ES34169 mini ITX Server Case photo

You wouldn’t know it by looking at it but a mini ITX system can pack almost as much processing power as a full-sized desktop PC but it’s not all about number crunching, sometimes you just need an energy-efficient machine that can serve some files. The Chenboro ES34169 mITX Server Case comfortably fits your choice of […]

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Most network attached storage devices are custom built enclosures with a processor and some memory for handling any user requested RAID features. If you just have to roll your own then this case might just be for you. The Fractal Design Array Mini ITX NAS Case gives you enough room to slap in quite a […]

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Intel’s Atom platform has created some nifty computing possibilities especially with manufacturers shrinking motherboards to fit into even smaller enclosures freeing your desktop from all of that clutter. The Jetway NF96FL-510-LF IPC mini-ITX Motherboard features an Intel Atom D510 dual core CPU which should make for a peppy little system. ProClockers has the review: Offset […]

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Intel’s Atom processor lineup was meant to be a low-power alternative with just enough number crunching power to allow for some media playback and web browsing, of course those with a need for even more power will seek ways to “improve” on the stated design goal. The ASRock A330ION Motherboard sports an Intel 330 dual-core […]

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The ever-shrinking motherboard poses a bit of a problem. Sure the improved performance and small dimensions are a huge benefit but you’ll be hard pressed to find a suitable case to contain all of the power…but that’s a problem for another time. The Zotac H55-ITX Motherboard can accept any Intel LGA 1156 CPU and sports […]

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It’s unfair to assign gender labels to PC case designs but, for the most part, you can plainly see that they’re targeted at one of two extremes: the offend no one design and the hardcore gamer blinding LED and multi-fan setup. Neither are targeted at the female PC user. The In Win Dive PC Case […]

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MiniITX motherboards are becoming a bit popular due to their diminutive size and their increasing performance levels, it’s difficult to pack in any more processing power in a smaller form factor. Thermaltake’s Element Q allows you to cram in your MiniITX motherboard and a full height expansion card should you require it. Hardware Bistro has […]

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The miniITX form factor has been making a bit of a name for itself, what with all of the hype surrounding the Intel Atom which has led to quite a few motherboards based around the design (although you’ll find some…

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It’s tough to match the flexibility that Nvidia’s ION platform offers. It takes the lowly Intel Atom processor, pairs it with a power friendly system chipset which sports a moderately competent graphics core built-in, the perfect combination for media playback.Zotac’s…

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There was a time when the Mini-ITX platform was reserved for some exceedingly underpowered hardware which was catered to with extremely expensive motherboards and cases. Intel’s Atom has changed the landscape a bit so the form-factor is much more…

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