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Spotify finally made the transatlantic leap from Europe and landed on U.S. shores earlier this summer. And while others have tried the online music subscription model, Spotify has won over critics and music lovers alike with its user-friendly software, pro-consumer usage policies and a wide variety of ways to access your music – none of […]

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Proof Pronto iPhone Recovery Stick picture

If you’ve mistakenly deleted information from a gadget you know there isn’t much you can do in order to get it back. The iPhone Recovery Stick allows you to recovery data that has been deleted from your precious phone although that’s not its intended target as the company is marketing the USB key/software combination to […]

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iPhone T-Mobile picture

In news that might elate or infuriate you, it looks like the iPhone is headed to T-Mobile soon. According to Cult of Mac, an insider source revealed that talks between Apple and T-Mobile are well underway and that chances are very good — 80 percent in fact — that the iPhone will land on its […]

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One of Palm’s early, nifty, addition to their Pre smart phone was its ability to disguise itself as an iPod which then allowed Pre owners to sync their phone to the iTunes software. Of course Apple wasn’t too happy about…

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Has your new iPhone taken on a ghastly new hue? Well, it’s your own damn fault! According to Apple, and I’m paraphrasing here, it’s your cheap iPhone case that’s to blame. According to TweakTown, Apple is recommending that you use…

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Device Name Apple iPhone 3GS Manufacturer Apple Inc. Release Date June 17th 2009 Function Smart Phone US Carrier AT&T Features: Operating System iPhone OS 3.0 Wireless Connectivity UMTS/HSDPA 7.2, 3G/GSM/EDGE, 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Input Multi-touch screen CPU…

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Apple has a great thing going with their iPhone so why change things too radically?Well they’re not content with the competition catching up so they’re working some new tricks into their smartphone in the form of improved speed and…

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Both Palm and Sprint have a lot riding on the successful launch of the Palm Pre this Saturday. Not since the iPhone has there been this much hope and excitement riding on a little smartphone. Palm fans (maybe even Sprint…

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Apple’s insanely popular iPhone is just about due for a refresh so you can expect tons of rumors popping up on what you should expect from newer versions of the smartphone.Apple iPhone Apps, which isn’t affiliated with Apple in…

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It’s not often that you’ll find a publication like The New York Times going out on a limb especially when it comes to launch dates for gadgets people are frothing at the mouth over.So we take it to heart…

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Intel is not very keen on the Apple iPhone’s performance, downright mocking the poor thing, and you’d just have to read Pankaj Kedia’s (director of Intel’s Mobile Internet Devices “MID” division) comments on its processor, as quoted by ZDNet Australia,…

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