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HP Touchpad WebOS tablet image

Computing devices, such as the HP Touchpad, sport an amazing amount of flexibility despite its less than powerful processor but that hasn’t stopped the fervent communities, that pop up around, to squeeze as much performance as possible from their handy portable devices. Interestingly there are some substandard settings for the Touchpad that keep it constantly […]

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HP Pavilion dm1z AMD Fusion E-350 notebook image

AMD’s Fusion program has put together an interesting mix of CPU and GPU performance which is a perfect match for a notebook so it’s great to see models finally making their to market with the chips. The HP Pavilion dm1z isn’t meant to provide the greatest performance boosts known to man but its AMD E-350 Zacate […]

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HP TouchPad Tablet computer image

The fascination with touchpads has set off a storm of manufacturers producing me too models that lean on, mostly, free operating systems to do the bulk of the dirty work so it’s no surprise that a product that uses an OS an industry giant snatched up for a song will get some attention. The HP […]

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HP Mini 5103 netbook computer picture

The netbook segment has kept things rather cheap and cheerful in order to keep the cost of entry low which, in turn, has lead to its impressive adoption rate. HP’s Mini 5103 believes it’s time that things turned a little more professional and has clad itself in an aluminum casing to make it withstand the […]

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HP ProBook 4720s business notebook picture

The last bastion of box design notebooks has been the business lineups many companies offer but those too are falling for the softer rounded lines to ease the harsh looks. HP’s ProBook 4270s is having nothing to do with that and carries on the fine tradition of solidly built chassis packed with some of the […]

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HP ENVY 17 3D gaming entertainment notebook picture

HP is hoping you’ll find yourself in the company of their newly revamped mobile notebook lineup an their fancy new features. The company’s top of the line ENVY 17 3D notebook brings with it some stereoscopic 3D glasses for that extra vivid experience but you’re likely to be much more interested in its Intel Core […]

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HP memory resistor memristor

Memory technologies come and go…no wait we’re still stuck with the same basic volatile RAM our systems use and the flash based memory our gadgetry and solid state drives are based off of. Interestingly enough HP stumbled into a method for creating something of a hybrid that might one day improve performance. They’ve partnered up […]

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HP Pavilion dm4 notebook picture

It’s getting difficult to wade through all of the notebook choices and finding that gem a machine when they’ve all got snazzy designs that make them appear top of the line but hide some underpowered hardware. The HP Pavilion dm4 manages to fit into a comfortable power envelope while keeping the weight off. The 14″ […]

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HP EliteBook 8440w workstation notebook picture

If you count yourself among the mobile power user you’ve no doubt encountered your share of seemingly beefy undersized notebooks only to find the machine lacks in one department or the other which, in hindsight, is probably how they managed to fit everything into such a small footprint. The HP EliteBook 8440w makes no such […]

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HP ProBook 6540b business laptop picture

Putting together a business oriented machine must be a tough task for designers, or not at all given how basic many models tend to go. The HP ProBook 6540b sticks to that sort of thinking by going with a productivity friendly Intel Core i5 430M processors and managed to fit a keyboard and keypad in […]

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HP Slate tablet picture

The eagle-eyed folks at CrunchGear noticed a tantalizing USPTO trademark application from HP for the term “Palmpad.” Interesting! You’ll recall, HP bought Palm earlier this year in a move that surprised the industry. And while HP is still believed to be making a Windows 7 slate, this could be the first semi-official sign that a […]

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