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Samsung Google Chrome OS notebook image

Google’s Chrome OS is designed around a web-enabled future that companies are clamoring to drag us into… kicking and screaming if need be. The Samsung Chromebook is the company’s initial platform to bring us into their idea of the future and it’s a decent enough machine for the task. Its netbook-esque specs aren’t half bad […]

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Android logo picture

Here’s another reason Apple’s iPhone may want to watch its back, antenna issues notwithstanding. Android this week reached some pretty big milestones: 100,000 apps and 1 billion app downloads. Mind you, those figures aren’t an official, Google-certified count. The estimate comes from AndroLib, which tracks Android stats. Nonetheless, the numbers aren’t out of the realm […]

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Rejoice owners of pre-Android 2.0 smartphones! Just in time for Thanksgiving, Google today announced that free Google Maps Navigation is now available for Android 1.6 (Donut) users. The Official Google Mobile Blog has the details: If you have a phone running Android 1.6, you can download an updated version of Google Maps from Android Market […]

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Google’s Chrome operating system has been talked about for months and now it’s finally launched…with a few key hoops to go through if you want to run it. Google isn’t supplying any pre-compiled binaries or images for their OS, they’re keeping that for their hardware partners to build suitable machines around. If you want to […]

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If there’s a gadget out there you can bet Dell will eventually get around to taking a crack at it, their printers and PDAs sure were a hit weren’t they? Despite some hiccups along the gadget road the company is planning on launching their mini 3i smartphone in the US sometime early next year. As […]

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The long, and strange, pitting Microsoft and Yahoo corporate interests against each other are over. The two companies are teaming up in order to counter Google’s massive stake in the search engine and advertising business.Reports state that Yahoo will be…

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 Creative’s Zii chip made a bit of a splash when it was announced, given its 3DLabs pedigree the system on a chip has some impressive capabilities for the mobile crowd. The company has launched a video showing their Zii…

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Google’s Chrome browser was launched with much fanfare into an extremely crowded browser market where the term “free” isn’t exactly new. It may have the largest search engine company in the western world backing it but the browser still…

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It’s not often that you’ll find a publication like The New York Times going out on a limb especially when it comes to launch dates for gadgets people are frothing at the mouth over.So we take it to heart…

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Netbooks are all the rage, but your OS choices basically boil down to Windows XP or Linux. But now, HP is said to be considering Google’s smartphone OS. Hewlett-Packard Co is studying uses for Google Inc’s Android operating system,…

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If you ever felt the insta-pang of regret, shame or panic when you fired off a nasty screed, take heart. Gmail now lets you undo that email for up to 5 seconds after you hit send. To enable it,…

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