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Dell Inspiron 14z Intel Core i5 2410M HD 3000 notebook laptop image

It’s difficult to pick out a winner in the mid-range notebook category when the majority of the options available all have the same specs. The Dell Inspiron 14z at least tries to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack with a partly aluminum body that should cut down a bit on the weight and […]

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Dell XPS 14z gaming laptop notebook image

The Dell Inspiron 14z conjures up images of insane gaming performance while on the go… while that’s a mighty tall task to ask of any notebook that fits into the 14″ category it’s capable of some moderate gaming itch scratching. The machine and its Intel Core i5-2430M processor and its Intel HD Graphics pair up […]

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Dell U2311H 23inch EIPS DisplayPort display monitor image

The Dell U2311H monitor sits in a good spot for those that want a reasonably priced display. Its E-IPS LCD has improved viewing angles which is extremely useful for those that hate odd angles ruining their view but it doesn’t quite reach the pinnacle of display clarity like a full blown IPS panel which you […]

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Dell Alienware M14x Gaming Laptop image

When it comes to laptops you have to give up a bit of performance in order to get your computing on the go. If you opt for even smaller designs well you’re saving yourself the headache of lugging around an extra pound or two but you better have low end gaming needs. The Alienware M14x […]

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Dell Precision T1600 workstation computer image

The workstation market is packed with plenty of powerful solutions but support services are your main concern if your business is in need of such machines. Dell’s Precision T1600 workstation sports a Sandy Bridge powered processor without an integrated GPU solution which cuts down on its power needs but now requires a dedicated graphics solution. […]

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Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410 small computer image

Niche PCs tend to offer some compelling reason to own one, otherwise they wouldn’t make them, but they tend to struggle in one form or another which makes it more of a pain to deal with. Dell’s Inspiron HD 410 mini PC somehow hits the right marks in order to place itself in a good […]

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Dell Inspiron Zino HD Red small computer picture

When you’ve got a form factor that simply works you’re not going to do much to endanger your little niche which is a good thing as Dell has improved its Zino HD guts, unfortunately color lovers are now limited to four color choices: black, silver, red, and blue brushed metal tops. There’s also a $39 […]

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Dell Inspiron One 23 inch all in one touchscren computer picture

All-in-one PCs have been one of the beneficiaries of the improved performance in low-power components meaning you’ll get quite a bit of speed out of smaller confines. The Dell Inspiron One sports a 23″ LED backlit touchscreen LCD display with all of the computing prowess to turn it into a multimedia powerhouse. Details are a […]

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Dell Studio XPS 7100 desktop computer picture

Pre-built PCs rarely hit the mark when it comes to balancing value and performance. Simply adding a few of the hardware essentials pushes pricing beyond what most people would call reasonable especially when dealing with top of the line processors. The Dell Studio XPS 7100 avoids all of that by sticking with AMD’s Athlon II […]

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Dell Studio 14 notebook picture

There has been a problem concerning Microsoft Windows based notebooks. While Windows 7 has made PC users happy again the quality of laptops has been dragging for who knows how many years content on stripping out quality in favor of cost cutting. The 2010 Dell Studio 14 actually sticks to some quality components such as […]

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Dell Streak tablet GPS picture

Dell has a…questionable track record when it comes to gadgets. Their PDA and MP3 player lineups were a bit of a let down when compared to the competition of the time but, thankfully, they seem to be turning a corner. The Dell Streak tablet is getting a good amount of attention in part because of […]

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