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Nielsen Wire smartphone growth 2Q 2010

No that’s not an updated view of how an iPhone 4’s reception bars should be portrayed. Google’s Android operating system seems to be catching on with people as noted by Nielsen Wire which tracks smartphone penetration in the U.S. How much so? Well in the second quarter of this year 27% of smartphone subscribers chose […]

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 picture

AT&T customers have a new BlackBerry handset to look forward to this month. When the BlackBerry Torch 9800 from Reasearch in Motion (RIM) goes on sale August 12, it will be rocking the company’s latest operating system, BlackBerry 6 OS, which promises better web browsing, integrated social features (think Facebook and Twitter) and improved multimedia […]

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HP Slate tablet picture

The iPad’s stranglehold on the tablet market may be nearing its end.  Several new reports hint that Apple’s rivals are gearing up for a fight, and judging by the exhaustive list of combatants, things could get really interesting really fast. First comes news that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is promising a deluge of Windows 7 […]

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Yes you want it, well at least if you want to enjoy the bulk of web content currently available without a ton of workarounds even if it’s a frustrating piece of software…says something we’ve come to grudgingly accept an Internet sore spot. Adobe has released the Mobile version of its Flash Player 10.1 software which […]

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