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iPhone 4S Reviews

OK, so it’s a little dissapointing that there’s no slimmer, bigger-screened iPhone 5 from Apple this year. Nonetheless, the iPhone 4S still managed to break pre-order records, and judging from the first round of reviews, it was a smart move by Apple to focus its energies on the iPhone’s software and internal components. Just like […]

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Post image for Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Today, we honor the life and legacy of a visionary man. Thank you, Steve. Image credit: Apple

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Amazon Kindle Fire app games image

Apple’s iPad is an accessory and app wonderland that has yet to be matched. The bulk of the tablets making their way to the market are an intriguing mix of hardware with an odd collection of software which may, or may not, stick around long enough to make any measurable difference. Why the disparity? Well […]

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Spotify finally made the transatlantic leap from Europe and landed on U.S. shores earlier this summer. And while others have tried the online music subscription model, Spotify has won over critics and music lovers alike with its user-friendly software, pro-consumer usage policies and a wide variety of ways to access your music – none of […]

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OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express Apple MacBook Air SSD Upgrade image

Apple’s MacBook Air is one of the sleekest and thinnest ultraportable notebooks on the market, unfortunately that slim profile doesn’t exactly allow for room to expand its storage capabilities so you’ll have to rely on some unconventional methods… at least for an Apple user. The OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express is a Solid State Drive […]

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Apple MacBook Air 13 inch ultra thin laptop image

Ultra-thin laptops are a great piece of gear to have around if you travel a lot due to the minimal amount of space they take up but you’re going to give up a few things if you go that route. The Apple 13″ MacBook Air has a few downsides, most of which you won’t really […]

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Bluetrek Metal Evolution Bluetooth headset picture

You’re likely to find all sorts of Bluetooth headsets made out of all manner of material but the sort of heft you want can only be brought about by one thing: metal ok two but there probably aren’t any made out of stone (although I’ve been known to be wrong). Bluetrek’s new Metal Evolution Bluetooth […]

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ZAGG invisibleSHIELD side full coverage photo

With the whole Apple iPhone 4 antenna debacle riling up fans and…anti-fans alike there’s no shortage of people looking for solutions to bar dropping performance without those bulky bumpers the company. Apparently ZAGG has done some internal testing and found that their invisibleSHIELD (Maximum Coverage) and ZAGGskin models help prevent signal degradation what with their […]

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Apple buys Poly9 picture

Could this signal the end of Google Maps pushpins on the iPhone? Apple has acquired web mapping firm Poly9. It seems fitting, considering that Google has its Google Earth and Microsoft has Bing Maps. Think of an interactive, location-aware, browser-based Google Earth, and you’ve got an idea of what Canadian company does. According to reports, […]

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Toshiba Canvio for Mac external portable hard drive photo

Keeping your Apple MacBook, or any computer for that matter, backed up is the best way to save yourself from an early death should your storage drive bail on you which, given the mobile nature of most Apple notebooks, is bound to happen sooner or later. Toshiba has launched its new Canvio for Mac portable […]

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HP Slate tablet picture

The iPad’s stranglehold on the tablet market may be nearing its end.  Several new reports hint that Apple’s rivals are gearing up for a fight, and judging by the exhaustive list of combatants, things could get really interesting really fast. First comes news that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is promising a deluge of Windows 7 […]

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