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ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore processor diagram

You may think the current generation of smartphones are impressive but companies are constantly working behind the scenes to impress you with the next generation of hardware. ARM, the company that designs the technology behind the bulk of the mobile smartphone processors out there, has announced their new Coretex-A15 MPCore design. Chip manufacturers will have […]

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Proof Pronto iPhone Recovery Stick picture

If you’ve mistakenly deleted information from a gadget you know there isn’t much you can do in order to get it back. The iPhone Recovery Stick allows you to recovery data that has been deleted from your precious phone although that’s not its intended target as the company is marketing the USB key/software combination to […]

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Clearwire CLEAR iSpot 4G WiMax picture

Frustratingly slow access for your smartphone can lead to things such as flinging your gadget across the room or performing a permanent death grip on it that goes far beyond some reception issues. Thankfully Clearwire has come up with a handy little gadget, and mandatory service plans, that allow your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod […]

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Nielsen Wire smartphone growth 2Q 2010

No that’s not an updated view of how an iPhone 4’s reception bars should be portrayed. Google’s Android operating system seems to be catching on with people as noted by Nielsen Wire which tracks smartphone penetration in the U.S. How much so? Well in the second quarter of this year 27% of smartphone subscribers chose […]

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iPhone T-Mobile picture

In news that might elate or infuriate you, it looks like the iPhone is headed to T-Mobile soon. According to Cult of Mac, an insider source revealed that talks between Apple and T-Mobile are well underway and that chances are very good — 80 percent in fact — that the iPhone will land on its […]

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Apple iPhone 4 antenna death grip problem picture

Not that they’re preventing Apple’s latest iPhone 4 from flying off the shelves, but the problems keep piling on. Yesterday, the Internets were abuzz with news that Consumer Reports — the vanguard of consumer rights and protections — could not recommend the iPhone 4 due to its antenna issue. As I pointed out in my […]

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iPhone 4 Review - Picture

Can Apple’s latest iPhone live up to the hype and dazzling first impressions? Here’s a look at what buyers can look forward to long after the new phone smell has faded.

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Platforms are built by developers, not so much by the ones hired by companies for the initial design but by the devs that decide to write programs for your brand new operating system or fancy gadget. Apple’s iPhone has been…

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Palm Pre had a nice little launch gift for Apple iTunes users in the form of displaying itself as an iPod once connected to a computer which allowed it to sync music onto the phone.Apple hasn’t taken too kindly to…

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That didn’t take long. Apple has announced that in the few days since the new iPhone flagship officially went on sale, over a million of the units have found their way into customers’ hands. Not a bad haul for…

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Can’t attend WWDC? Neither can we, but you can be there virtually thanks to the live-blogging skills of the following sites. New iPhones? Will Snow Leopard show its spots? Steve Jobs? Click below to find out… Gizmodo Live Blog Phil…

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