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by Rafael Hernandez on September 28, 2011 · 0 comments

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Apple’s iPad is an accessory and app wonderland that has yet to be matched. The bulk of the tablets making their way to the market are an intriguing mix of hardware with an odd collection of software which may, or may not, stick around long enough to make any measurable difference. Why the disparity? Well […]

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Frustratingly slow access for your smartphone can lead to things such as flinging your gadget across the room or performing a permanent death grip on it that goes far beyond some reception issues. Thankfully Clearwire has come up with a handy little gadget, and mandatory service plans, that allow your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod […]

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As if Apple’s iPad weren’t selling like hotcakes the company has its sights on many more foreign destinations as it’s shipping out its tablet to a handful of countries that should rightfully consider themselves under served. Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore will be seeing every model of the […]

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The iPad’s stranglehold on the tablet market may be nearing its end.  Several new reports hint that Apple’s rivals are gearing up for a fight, and judging by the exhaustive list of combatants, things could get really interesting really fast. First comes news that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is promising a deluge of Windows 7 […]

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Apple’s tablet/cellphone/thing dubbed the iPad has generated plenty of attention for itself seeing as it’s a large jump into a market most companies haven’t thought of. Sitting between an iPhone and full-fledged tablet the iPad will certainly find some use if the company’s legion of fans have anything to say about it. The company will […]

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Apple events tend to throw a ton  of information at everyone without giving you much time to sit back and really digest what just happened, thankfully a day’s rest and some fresh eyes give you some new perspectives: The Apple iPad – Anand’s Analysis – AnandTech Insanely great? Ars reacts to the Apple iPad – […]

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Apple’s iPad tablet has been announced and it has everyone in a tizzy, one way or the other, on the company’s take of the future of mobile computing products. The device isn’t a full-fledged PC, instead you can consider it a larger format iPhone/Touch which will be a host to already existing apps and, of […]

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