Intel’s Ivy Bridge has a family reunion

by Rafael Hernandez on March 12, 2012 · 0 comments

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Intel’s mid-range refresh, in the form of the upcoming “Ivy Bridge” processor, has had a bit of a delay while the previous generation clears up space so it can come in and crush the performance charts. The new chip design sports a smaller manufacturing process and quite a few tweaks that will enable it to run cooler and faster than the previous generation “Sandy Bridge” design, especially in the integrated graphics department, while maintaining backwards compatibility with older LGA 1155 motherboards (although newer chipsets will be launched along side it). How well it performs has been a tightly wrapped secret but it now seems at least one person will ignore the perils and shine some light on what you can expect.

Ivy Bridge vs Sandy Bridge vs Sandy Bridge-E @ 4.7GHz Preview @ VR-Zone

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