CoolIT ECO A.L.C. CPU Water Cooler matches up with the high end

by Rafael Hernandez on June 7, 2010 · 0 comments

CoolIT ECO A.L.C. ECO-R120 CPU water coolerThe benefits of water cooling a PC have been known for quite some time in enthusiast PC user circles but the expense and painstaking setup is more than enough to scare off the timid at heart. Fortunately there are companies that will craft easy to install alternatives.

The CoolIT ECO A.L.C. CPU Water Cooler puts together a potent set of features and, unlike previous designs, it allows for some added cooling potential with a second fan mount. Bjorn3D has the review:

The A.L.C. is also extremely versatile. It will fit on the back exhaust vent of just about any mid tower or larger case, and it fits a large variety of different CPU socket types. These include Intel’s newest sockets 1156 and 1366 as well as all of the AMD sockets going from 939 to AM3. This will allow you to install the cooler on just about any system that isn’t obsolete, and a few that are, but enough talking lets get a closer look at this product.

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