AMD FireStream 9370 and 9350 aim for the rackmounts

by Rafael Hernandez on June 24, 2010 · 0 comments

SuperMicro 1U FireStream Chassis pictureGPGPU has been a bit slow on the uptake for a variety of reasons namely lack of performance and slow software development. With the amount of focus being placed on using graphics chips to do some heavy lifting it was only a matter of time until the current generation of consumer level chips made their way into a computing server role.

AMD’s FireStream 9370 and 9350 make the distinction in their roles by emphasizing the Stream computing element in the product name and offering a 1U friendly passive cooling solution (to be aired out by your rack’s army of tiny fans) and plenty of that double precision number crunching your industrial applications are after….and no your employers probably won’t let your run Crysis on it.

FireStream 9370, 9350 bring Cypress computing to servers @ The Tech Report

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