AMD “Trinity” A10-4600M Mobile CPU with modest performance

by Rafael Hernandez on May 15, 2012 · 0 comments

AMD A10-4600M Trinity mobile laptop CPU processor image

AMD’s Trinity processor is the successor to the company’s well received “Llano” processor which combined a CPU and graphics chip in the same die which allows for some interesting possibilities. Their new A10-4600M CPU sports computing cores inspired by the higher end Bulldozer processor giving it a nice performance boost over the older chip while the new integrated GPU is based on their latest 7000 series of graphics cores so you can expect improved frame rates as well. The chip isn’t going to win any awards for in general application speeds when compared to the competition but when it comes to gaming it can more than hold its own which is especially impressive since it’s a mobile chip destined for lower priced laptops.

AMD A10-4600M Trinity For Mobile Review: Trying To Cut The Ivy @ PC Perspective

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